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   Hello I’m Jamie Mason. I’m a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, business leader, and former professional athlete. I live with my wife and two puppies in Prince Edward County, Canada.


   I LOVE people. That’s really why JMC was created. It was created out of my love and passion to see people become greatness in their own lives. Everyone has so much potential in them. Nothing makes me more happy than helping people tap into that potential. Seeing people succeed and become a better version of themselves is amazing.

   I love sports. You name it I’ve played it -soccer, hockey, motocross, baseball, volleyball, football, golf, racing cars, etc. Whether its recreational or professional, I just love athletics. I love the coming together of a group of people for a cause. Anddddddd in sports, that cause is to win. Interestingly enough, business if very similar. It’s a coming together of a group of people to win, succeed, and thrive.

   As a child, I moved around a lot until the age of 11, where my parents settled down in Prince Edward County. My parents are pastors of a church. I’m crazy intense, passionate, and down right obsessed with growth. I focus my growth in four areas that apply to every area of life. Physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual growth are keys to succeeding in life. At the end of the day, we all just want to be happy. We want health, wealth, and love.

   After becoming a pro athlete, then business leader and entrepreneur, I became severely depressed. I had everything I ever wanted and yet I wasn’t happy. How could this be you might ask? Well, I was not growing into the man I wanted to become. After years of pouring into myself through books, seminars, podcasts, interviews with business professionals, and pro athletes, I started JMC. I’m beyond excited to help people not just achieve a big bank account, but achieve a life of contribution, fulfilment and ultimate success. I’m here to give my all in service of others. If I can’t help you, I will connect you with someone who can. It’s not about what I can get it’s about what I can give. Please check out my services. I will provide value to you one way or another. Book your free call and let’s win together.

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